A recruitment partner that understands managers

At S-HR we understand the challenges of managers and executives. As a partner experienced in supporting strategic business areas, we know how important is to have the right people on board able to influence others and accelerate changes. “As a former leading advisor, I could observe how crucial it is to provide managers with fresh knowledge about available solutions best matching their business needs. With experience in cooperating with C-level executives, we are now able to satisfy the needs of the biggest industry and IT companies. We successfully support them in their strategic business decisions, investments, recruitment and building strong, reliable teams“ - Jan Surudo

Discover our values that elevate your success

We reach out to people actively seeking knowledge, active listeners and those who passionately explore the reality around them and search for ways to improve it.

We base on in-depth insights and knowledge of the industry. This is why we can ask the right questions to verify the candidate’s attitude and technical knowledge.

We search for inspiring managers ready to influence others and drive their personal and business growth. We value enthusiasm, proactivity and leadership.

We rely on strong personal and business relationships. We search for candidates sharing similar values to ensure their contribution to your growth.
Let the top talents become the driving force of your company’s success