We hire executives for temporary positions, able to infuse your organization with their knowledge of a specific industry or technology. We select top experts capable of accelerating your growth and delivering desired value in the shortest required time.

We dedicate Interim Management services to organizations:

● Possess competencies from the industry experts but not hire permanently
● Accelerate their organization’s growth thanks to the expertise of external specialists
● Provide their departments with best practices and know-how from a specific area
● Infuse their company with enthusiasm to drive innovation and change.

How we do it

Direct Search
Thanks to our network and an understanding of HR portal algorithms, we reach out to carefully selected specialists, highly qualified in the technologies of your aspiration.

Psychological assessment
We define the profile of a candidate and seek specialists performing the desired set of soft skills, enthusiasm and ability to influence others in order to accelerate change.

Technical knowledge
We select candidates having the required technical skills, power of authority, readiness to share industry benchmarks and become the leader of the upcoming innovation.

In this specific type of employment, we encourage the candidate to consider the opportunity, verify their offer and negotiate the contract on your behalf.