We assist companies in solving even the most challenging staff reductions. Thanks to our experience, a huge dose of empathy, staff training and career advisory services, we are able to transform the dismissal into a promising opportunity.

We dedicate Outplacement services to organizations:

● Facing the challenge of individual or group staff reduction
● Willing providing professional support for dismissed employees
● Motivated to build a positive atmosphere of responsibility and understanding
● In need of identifying new chances for both individuals and the organization.

How we do it

We support your employees in CV-writing, opening LinkedIn accounts and highlighting their competencies to increase their chance for new successful employment.

In difficult circumstances, we treat the dismissed as people still important for the organization. We support them in transforming the dismissal into a promising change.

Predisposition tests
In order to define new career paths, we conduct career predispositions tests to match the dismissed with the best opportunities or lead them toward the change of industry.

Based on our empathy and experience, we take responsibility for the entire process, including both preparing the plan for outplacement and its execution.