We support organizations in accelerating their strategic
transformations. We extend their competencies by transferring talents and delivering employees qualified in innovative areas and having valuable experience from their previous work environment.

We dedicate Strategic Organizational Change & Development services to organizations requiring:

● A strategic change in their company’s responsibilities and structure
● Accelerating their growth in their areas of aspiration
● Hiring people experienced in innovative areas and coming from precisely defined environments
● Restructuring leadership levels and identifying transferrable skill sets.

How we do it

Direct search
We reach out to candidates with experience gained in specific environments and skilled in defined technologies, while paying attention to both soft and hard skills.

Psychological assessment
We use a variety of psychological and career predisposition tests (including the FRIZ method) in order to select candidates with a proper mindset and temperament.

Knowledge and experience
Our wide knowledge about technologies, recruitment and HR processes let us deliver valuable insights and complete even the most demanding transformations.

As external experts, we cooperate closely with HR departments, deliver fresh valuable insights and rely on our experience from a number of successful transformations.