Succession is an inevitable step in a company’s development
path. We aim for finding executives ready to take over the
responsibilities of the current CEO and able to independently
manage all company’s departments.

We dedicate Succession Planning services to organizations:

● Preparing for the succession of the company’s owner or general manager
● Seeking candidates ready to manage all company’s departments in the role of CEO
● In need of hiring an external specialist or training an internal successor
● Aiming for innovation but not a revolution in their current management model.

How we do it

Direct search
We select candidates with experience in a defined environment, skilled in specific technologies and equipped in soft and hard skills accelerating the company’s growth.

Psychological assessment
We seek a replacement of the current manager while relying on the carefully defined psychological profile and candidate’s assessment to ensure required compatibility.

Careful listening
We verify candidates by asking detailed questions and listening to answers. In this way, we get information useful in the recruitment process and ensure the right match.

Support and empathy
With our vast experience in HR strategic projects, we make sure that the succession will bring value to everyone: the company, the former manager and the new executive.