Well-matched talents are the greatest asset of every organization.
Skyrocket the efficiency of your recruitment process by hiring an experienced HR partner relying on proven recruitment methods:
direct search and assessment tests.

We dedicate Talent Search service for organizations seeking:

● Hard skills and competencies in the specific industries and technologies
● Candidates with a mindset corresponding with the company’s mission and vision
● Employees enthusiastic to learn and motivated to become experts in their field
● Access to top candidates educated in the areas of the company’s needs.

How we do it

Direct Search
We use our wide network and a good understanding of HR portal algorithms to reach out to candidates having specific hard skills and experience in target technologies.

Psychological assessment
We define the psychological profile of a perfect candidate and seek desired soft skills with the support of the FRIZ method and a variety of psychological assessment tests.

Technical expertise
Thanks to our expertise and in-depth approach, we are able to verify candidates’ technical knowledge by asking the right questions in order to select top specialists.

Right questions
With our business-oriented but psychological approach, we are able to assess the candidate’s mindset and accurately estimate their contribution to driving results.