With a business-oriented but psychological mindset, we use a
variety of assessment tests to analyze the potential of every
promising candidate. We verify whether their personality is
compatible with the company’s goal and its managerial structure.

We dedicate Assessment services to organizations in need of:

● Hiring talents and candidates for executive positions
● Perfect recruitment match and long-lasting cooperation
● Providing their organization with specific and carefully defined skills
● Finding candidates matching the company’s organizational culture.

How we do it

FRIS Method
We use the FRIS method to assess the candidate’s potential and personality in the context of matching them with the company’s and board members’ profiles.

Assessment tests
We use a variety of psychological and career predisposition tests (such as the Belbin test) that help us to select candidates suitable for the specific role.

1:1 meetings
Our assessment tests are based on 1:1 meetings with candidates and board members. In this way, we define their psychological profiles and verify their compatibility.

We stay flexible. In case an offline meeting is not possible, we are prepared to conduct an assessment online and ensure the delivery of accurate results.